By David Schuster-

(WSCR) What are the Bulls waiting for in signing Tom Thibodeau to a contract extension? Yes, he does have a year plus left on his current deal, but if they don’t show him some love soon he could be gone at the end of that deal.

It’s no secret that Thibodeau has gone to Bulls upper management and asked the same question, but so far no negotiations are known to have taken place.

This is a dangerous gamble on the Bulls part because the price tag keeps going up on Thibodeau’s services and other teams are watching closely.

The Knicks are likely to jettison Mike D’Antoni at the end of this season and could keep the seat warm for Thibodeau. The Bulls coach was an assistant in New York and it would get him closer to his home and family on the East Coast. What’s more, the Knicks are looking for a coach who will stress defense and no one does that more then Thibodeau. And if not the Knicks then other teams will be looking for a new coach and Thibodeau will have suitors all over the place.

Clearly, Thibodeau has done an outstanding job in his short tenure here in Chicago and though some compare his situation to Lovie Smith, it’s not. The Bulls know that they had better sign this guy soon, or ultimately lose him down the road.

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