(CBS) According to a Chicago Tribune report, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher told HBO’s “Real Sports” that he uses the painkiller Toradol.

“You drop your pants, you get the alcohol, they give you a shot, put the Band-Aid on, you go out and play,” Urlacher said in the Real Sports episode that airs Tuesday. “Not that big of a deal.”

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Apparently, it is a big deal though.

As Andrea Kremer details in the report, Toradol can lead to kidney failure and gastrointestinal bleeding. But when told of those possible consequences, Urlacher said he would continue using the drug.

“First of all we love football,” Urlacher said. “We want to be on the field as much as we can be. If we can be out there, it may be stupid, it may be dumb, call me dumb and stupid then because I want to be on the football field.”

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Urlacher also said he would lie about having a concussion in order to stay on the field.

According to the report, Toradol is non-addictive and NFL doctors regularly administer the drug. Players like it because it works fast and covers the whole body for an entire game.

Former NFL center Jeremy Newberry is featured in the report. The 35-year-old is suffering from kidney failure attributed to Toradol.

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The Real Sports episode airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on HBO.