CHICAGO (CBS) — Super Bowl viewers often look forward to the commercials that run during breaks in the action, but those fans might be in for an unpleasant experience as an anti-abortion activist is running an ad with images of aborted fetuses as he runs against President Barack Obama in the Democratic primary.

Anti-abortion activist and longtime Republican Randall Terry switched parties to run as a Democrat against Obama in 20 states.

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WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports Terry is planning to run ads during the Super Bowl featuring graphic images of aborted fetuses in an effort to take votes away from President Barack Obama and hurt his chances of winning in the general election.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

Terry said he has no delusions that he’ll win the White House or even beat Obama in the primary.

“I can cause his defeat in the general election and that is my mission,” Terry said. “Ultimately, my goal is to put such a distaste in the mouths of Catholic and Evangelical Democrats that he loses the White House.”

During the ad, Terry says “Abortion is murder. The innocent blood of 50 million babies cries out to God from our sewers and landfills. We must make it a crime to murder them or Heaven will judge America. Christian’s who vote for Obama knowing he promotes murder have blood on their hands. We must use our vote to protect babies.”

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The ad also features images of aborted fetuses, including what appears to be an arm sitting on top of a dime.

The ad has already run in eight states.

“I’m convinced that … every great social movement in history used imagery; the images of victims. The civil rights workers did, the abolitionists did, the suffragists did, those fighting against child labor did,” Terry said.

Terry said the graphic imagery of aborted fetuses that accompanies his voiceover is the point of the ad.

“The mangled bodies are … testimony that ‘Hey, I’m a human,’” Terry said.

He said the ads will run in about 40 markets across the country, including Chicago.

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Terry said he’s prepared to sue NBC 5 in Chicago or any other station that refuses to air the ad as required by federal law, as he has bought the airtime for the ads and, because he’s a candidate for president, federal law requires stations to run the ads.