(WSCR) The Bulls-Heat matchup from Sunday afternoon was, in many ways, a possible preview of this year’s Eastern Conference Finals.

Though the Heat edged the Bulls in the end, there a several positives that can be taken from the thrilling finish in Miami.

“There’s a lot you can conclude, and I think it’s both good and bad,” K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune told The Mully and Hanley Show. “I actually would probably lean a little bit more to the good, especially because they played without Luol (Deng.) I know there aren’t any excuses, and the Bulls weren’t making any, but clearly he’s their second-best player by a long shot. To play on the road that close without your second-best player, I think it’s an encouraging sign.”

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Though Derrick Rose missed two free throws in the final seconds of the game, he had 34 points, six rebounds and six assists as the Bulls picked up their fifth loss.

Another encouraging sign — Derrick is very, very effective against this team because they don’t have any shot-blockers in there,” Johnson said. “Derrick knows that, and that’s why he was going one-on-three, which he doesn’t always do. As good of a player as he is, he does not typically force shots. He knew (Sunday) he had the opportunity to keep attacking that basket. I think, moving forward, that’s a good thing for the Bulls.”