(WSCR) Show Picks for First Touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Dan McNeil:
$100 BenJarvus Green Ellis (9:1) – “Brady and the WR’s get all the attention.  Good odds for a starting running back.”
$100 Brandon Jacobs (12:1) – “I like the Giants to win the game and their ability to run the football is a big reason why.”
$100 Mario Manningham (12:1) – “Patriots will focus more on Nicks and with a suspect secondary it’s hard to pass on Mario.”
$50 Tom Brady (18:1) and $50 Eli Manning (30:1) – “Barring injury these two are for sure to be on the field during the first score.  Purely a play of the odds that offers a great payout if one is to come through.”

Matt Spiegel:
$25 Aaron Hernandez(8:1) – “If Gronkowski is playing or not Hernandez is undervalued here.”
$25 Mario Manningham (12:1) – “Defended by Edelman?  Eli will find this mismatch.”

Ben Finfer:
$25 Deion Branch (12:1) – “With Gronk gimpy I’m hoping Branch becomes the #1 target for Brady.”
$25 Mario Manningham (12:1) – “Nicks or Cruz make more sense but Mario pays better.”

Jay Zawaski:
$50 Mario Manningham (12:1) – “Jordy Nelson was my first instinct when I won this a year ago so I’m sticking with that strategy.”

Nick Shepkowski:
$50 Tom Brady (18:1) –“If the Patriots are at the 1 or 2 yard line it’s going to be a Brady sneak.  At 18:1 I’ll take my chances for a hopeful $900 payout.”