By Matt Spiegel-

(WSCR) For you perhaps, or for the casual fans and/or guests, we offer further levels of couch enjoyment. The viewing attendee who gets the most of the following prop bets correct should win something… you decide what. At my sister’s party, it will be a random assemblage of Score 670 swag, perhaps including private logo Chapstick. Seriously. We’ll post the results here on Monday.

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All categories, unless otherwise noted, are for the game itself from kickoff to final gun; no pre-game, studio halftime, or post-game included. A broadcast “reference,” as stated in the following categories, includes any commercial, video bumper, broadcaster mention, or wordless on-screen graphic. Spreads and over/unders are set at “1/2” increments to insure a winner and a loser.

1. Of the total commercials in the first half of play, which will be represented more; beer or cars? Four years ago, this was an even split (4-4), then two years of 5-3, and last year 11-3 in favor of cars. Surprising development. So, we set a line. The spread is Cars – 3.5.

2. Predict the total verbal or image references during the game for an all new episode of THE VOICE, coming up on NBC right after the game. The over/under is 6.5.

3. Predict the total verbal or image references during the game for the series debut of SMASH, on Monday night right there on NBC. Same rules as above. The over/under is 7.5.

4. Predict the total number of camera shots of Patriots owner Bob Kraft in the first three quarters of the game. If the Pats are winning late, there could be several, so we’ll remove the fourth quarter. The over/under is 1.5.

5. Predict the total number of camera shots of Peyton Manning in his seat or suite, also in the first three quarters of the game. His town, his future, brother Eli… lots of reasons to possibly show Peyton. The over/under is 1.5.

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6. Any mention of the word “ankle”, in reference to Rob Gronkowski’s. Each mention of the word by Al Michaels, Chris Collinsworth, or a sideline reporter counts. The over/under is 4.5.

7. How many replay reviews will there be? How many times will referee John Parry (referee #132) go under the hood? The over/under is 2.5.

8. Still images or video of the David Tyree catch from the Giants-Patriots in SB XLII. Will they show it at all? The over/under is 0.5.

9. Total number of verbal or image references to Bill Parcells, either as the previous boss of both coaches or as a Super Bowl coach himself. The over/under is 2.5.

10. Name three former Super Bowl winning quarterbacks who will be mentioned by name. This tally will exclude both Eli and Peyton Manning, as well as Tom Brady. This can be in the form of a comparison, or a statistical record, or in any other context. Last year, there were five named during the game. ________________, __________________ and __________________.

Happy gambling America. Now you can make your own, recliner-bound, vice-infused fun.

Or, you could just hope for a good game. But you’re not that boring.

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