(WSCR) It’s difficult to pinpoint where exactly the Blackhawks went wrong.

The team is currently riding a six-game losing streak as it looks to rebound Friday night against San Jose.

“It’s been a complete break down, if you really look at it,” Chis Kuc of the Chicago Tribune told The Mully and Hanley Show. “Everyone is searching for answers, but if you’re going to look at what’s really going on, you’ll look at how poorly they are playing defensively. It’s all about position and getting out of what they were doing well before.”

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Kuc said the Blackhawks, behind coach Quenneville, are going back to the basics during practices.

“Joel Quenneville has really gone to town as far as teaching is concerned the last couple of days,” Kuc said. “He did it in Denver. He did a long film session. Then, yesterday on the ice, he was at the chalkboard showing the Blackhawks where they need to be. I really expect them to kind of grind one out tonight in San Jose. I would expect a low-scoring game. They’re just going to trap and play the neutral zone pretty tough.”

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