(CBS) Joel Quenneville is not going anywhere.

In the midst of an eight-game losing streak, grumblings about the Blackhawks head coach’s job security have begun to surface.

But general manager Stan Bowman silenced that talk Monday in an interview with CSN Chicago.

“That’s not the concern for me at all. I’m very confident in Joel’s ability, our coaching staff’s ability,” Bowman told CSN’s Chris Boden. “Our players – the effort is there. They’re as frustrated as anybody, you can watch it on the ice. It’s not working. There’s no disputing that, but I don’t buy that assertion (that Quenneville’s message is lost) at all. These players are on board with us. They believe in this group (of coaches). We’re not far. We need to get this turned around, but we’re not far from making it work.”

Boden asked Bowman if Quenneville was “the guy” going forward and the GM answered: “Absolutely.”

Surprisingly, Bowman also said that adding a goaltender is not a priority.

“We’re not focused on goaltending. We’re really not,” he said.

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