(WSCR) Here’s a sports story you won’t hear every day.

According to a report, Roburt Sallie went on the radio with CBS Sport’s Gary Parrish Monday to clarify the report that claimed he was cut from his Spanish basketball team for taking the penis enlargement pill ExtenZe.

Sallie emphatically states he was not taking ExtenZe, but a male sexual enhancement pill called Black Ant.

“If you really believe, Gary, that I took ExtenZe to enlarge my penis, then you must be crazy,” Sallie said.

“I got drug tested in November. We had a game, they picked me out, it’s random … it happens when you play overseas. You have to write down everything you put in your body. I wrote down what I normally take and put in my body. I take vitamins … and I took a male enhancement pill. At the time I didn’t know the name of (the pill) because I got it from one of my teammates that was out there. When I finally found the name of the pill, the name of the pill was Black Ant.

“The team addressed me a week after the drug test and they said ‘We see you wrote down you took a male enhancement pill. Was it ExtenZe?’ And I said ‘No, it was not ExtenZe.’ I have proof of what I’ve taken, I have the package.

“I don’t have a problem with it that I’ve taken a male enhancement pill before. And I’m pretty sure 95% of males in their lifetime have taken it. Do I take it regularly? No I don’t. It’s something I tried, it’s my personal business, and I’m proud to say I did it.”

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