(CBS) Former White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker admitted that players were affected by the drama last season and said there was a sentiment in the clubhouse that the coaching staff should never have come back for 2011, according to Chicago Sun-Times columnist and 670 The Score contributor Joe Cowley.

‘‘You can dissect it any way you want, blame it on whoever you want, but it was not a positive situation for anyone involved,’’ Walker told Cowley. ‘‘We talked about it. There was a feeling in the clubhouse and the coaches’ office that we should have never been back for 2011. After 2010, it was obvious that the first sign of adversity was going to make things bad.

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‘‘When it gets off track like it did and you have more going on than the normal team, it’s too hard to overcome. The atmosphere the past few years reached the point where winning baseball could no longer be played, no matter which players were brought in.’’

Walker has previously said Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf had to convince him to remain with the team after 2010. He said he was once again offered the opportunity to stay with the White Sox after last season, but instead the hitting coach took the same job with the Atlanta Braves.