CHICAGO (CBS) — There is nothing more certain to be in the news than a story about money. So, consider this one: $80 million that people owe the city of Chicago in unpaid traffic tickets and fines for violating safety codes.

Mayor Emanuel is looking for ways to collect that money, and he’s found a pretty good one: the refunds we get on our state income tax. Owe the city money, don’t pay it, and the state will deduct it from your refund and send it to the mayor.

Consider the guy in the news who owes $21,000 in unpaid traffic tickets.  He’s expecting a refund, he says, and it’s unfair to deduct it. I say it’s unfair not to. He’s cheating and I’m paying.

Hey, pal, you don’t want to pay for a traffic ticket? Don’t get one.

Or the state rep in the news from Elmhurst, who says Emanuel wants to rake in money from the suburbs. It’s all about the money, he says. It’s a money grab.

It IS a money grab. Good for you, Mr. Mayor. Grab all you can.