By Dorothy Tucker

CHICAGO (CBS) — The family of a woman brutally stabbed to death in the South Shore neighborhood was making plans to move out of the neighborhood Saturday evening.

The body of Candace Butts was discovered in her apartment Friday. She had been stabbed multiple times.

With police still searching for clues and no suspects in custody, Butts’ mother and daughter tell CBS 2’S Dorothy Tucker they fear for their own lives.

“I just know I found her. I walked in her apartment and found her lying there dead,” the victim’s mother, Gloria Martin, said.

The 44-year-old Butts lived right across the hall from her mother. She moved there about a year ago to take care of her. When Candace didn’t answer her phone early Friday morning, Martin went to the door, found it unlocked and the window cracked.

Martin’s fear is the killer came in through the window.

“She didn’t bother anybody, she stayed to herself. She was a good person. I don’t know who would do this to her,” Martin said.

Tia Butts last saw her mother Thursday night when the two hung out together after school. In fact, they were both taking classes together at Olive Harvey College. She, too, is at a loss to explain why anyone would want to hurt her mother.

“My mom is the most energetic sweet angel that I know,” Tia Butts said. “She was my inspiration.”

Police say Candace’s TV, jewelry and iPhone were missing, but at this point, police are not calling the crime a robbery.

Why not? There was no explanation — also, no suspects.

“I’m very scared. We’re actually going to move. We don’t even know how they got in, there’s no sign of forced entry,” the victim’s daughter said.

Gloria Martin says there was a bloody butcher knife in her daughter’s bedroom.

Police have taken that in for evidence, and they continue to look for clues.