(WSCR) As the NBA trade deadline nears, the question of where Dwight Howard will land remains to be seen.

The Bulls would seemingly be a good fit for the 26-year-old center, but Howard has not put Chicago on the list of teams he’d like to play for.

“When you look at the trade demands, the question I get a lot is, ‘Why aren’t the Bulls on his list?’ I don’t have an answer for that,” K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “The point I’m trying to make is not a lot makes sense with Dwight. That kind of jives with the perception around him that you hear throughout the league. He’s not malicious, he’s not a bad guy, but he’s just a little immature, a little flaky, a little uncommitted and not serious at times and just has interests beyond the game. I can’t figure that Dwight Howard situation out at all.”

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Johnson also said he thinks the Magic will hold onto Howard past Thursday’s deadline.

“I think Orlando is going to call his bluff and try to hold on to him and see if he’ll walk from that extra year that they can offer him at the end of the season,” Johnson said. “There’s just not a lot out there make sense Orlando-wise unless you can concoct some type of three-team deal that I haven’t thought about.”

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