ORLAND PARK, Ill. (CBS) — He calls himself the “Orland Ghost Rider” and gets his thrills speeding, ignoring stop signs, and mocking police.

CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports police finally caught up with Justin Jachimiec of Orland Park and have evidence of his dangerous stunts thanks to a helmet camera he wore.

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Orland Park Police Cmdr. John Keating said a video of Jachimiec popping a wheelie past an officer on March 13, driving between cars, and running a red never made it to the Internet, because they caught the rider.

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Jachimiec, 22, has been charged with two counts of felony fleeing and eluding, and one count of felony possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

His neighbor, Kathy Mahoney, said Jachimiec is a good kid. She said she didn’t know the bike he was riding was stolen.

But she did know about another video, that police said he posted on YouTube under the name “Wheelerdrive Bandit.”

In the video, a biker can be seen speeding past a cop writing a ticket. He even gives a peace sign to an officer from the distance.

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Keating said Jachimiec was “trying to taunt the police officers to try and chase him, which obviously they didn’t. They used great restraint not to.”

It’s their policy not to chase, but they put on their sirens and their lights.

Police said the video shows Jachimiec driving on sidewalks, through fields, continuing to taunt, and refusing to stop.

“My reaction was I hope no one gets hurt,” Mahoney said.

Police said no one was hurt, but plenty of people called 911 in November during one of Jachimiec’s rides, prompting an investigation. The pieces came together, police got a search warrant, found Jachimiec’s helmet camera and the stolen motorcycle.

“The police will track you down, and arrest you, and hold you accountable for it,” Keating said.

Keating said the kind of brazen, reckless driving Jachimiec displayed is no joke and is one reason for their aggressive investigation.

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No one answered the door at Jachimiec’s address on Wednesday.