(WSCR) The joy surrounding the Bears’ acquisition of Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall was quickly met with concern.

The day after the trade was official, reports surfaced that Marshall had been involved in a an altercation with a woman at a New York night club. Though new reports appear to exonerate Marshall, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said a suspension could still come even if Marshall is criminally innocent.

“All I know is this: If you’re a repeat offender under the personal conduct policy, wrong place at the wrong time doesn’t cut it anymore,” Florio told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “Roger Goodell will spell you for flirting with the line, even if you didn’t cross it the line. Look at Ben Roethlisberger. He got suspended six games, reduced to four, and he was never arrested. He wasn’t arrested once.

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“The NFL will do its own investigation into this. They’re not going to have to send their investigators very far. This happened in New York City. They’ll find out what they think happened. They’ll come to a conclusion, just like they came to a conclusion with what happened with the Saints bounty situation. There’s no judge or jury. The NFL does it’s own investigation and it comes to its own conclusion. If they conclude Brandon Marshall did something he shouldn’t have done, in light of his history, he’ll be punished, regardless of if he’s ever arrested. That’s the disconnect between the criminal justice system and the NFL’s in-house system for dispensing discipline to players who have a history of doing things they shouldn’t do.”

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