GENEVA, Ill. (CBS) — Kane County officials say the county expects to spend $30,000 to correct a mistake. Tens of thousands of court notices were wrongly sent out about dogs that supposedly were not vaccinated for rabies.

The first that Kane County Board Member Melisa Taylor heard about the problem was when she got a court summons that said she’d failed to get her dog vaccinated for rabies.

She knew her dog’s vaccines were up to date, but she went to court anyway, and when she got there, she found others in the same boat.

“There were approximately 75 tickets issued that particular day coming from Animal Control. Most of them were the exact same circumstances,” Taylor said.

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It was just the tip of the iceberg.

“It was an iceberg I didn’t know existed until just that day,” Taylor said.

Taylor says about 60,000 rabies tags have never been entered into the Kane County system — meaning dog owners were getting tickets they shouldn’t have been getting.

Now she says it’s expected to cost $30,000 to get the system straightened out.

Taylor says the executive director of the county’s health department is responsible for what happens in Animal Control.

The director, Paul Kuehnert did not immediately return calls from WBBM Newsradio.