By Shawn Muller-

(CBS) Former New Orleans Saints–and current St. Louis Rams–defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is a punk.

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A nice piece of 100 percent Grade-A punk.

But I don’t think you need me to tell you that considering the information available concerning the “bounty program” he ran while he was a member of the New Orleans coaching staff.

How this man still has a job in the National Football League is beyond me.

With more and more details coming out against this “coach” everyday concerning his bounty program, the more inclined I am to say that Williams should be permanently banned from the league. Period.

Telling your players to intentionally try to hurt the opposition for what amounts to peanuts (monetarily speaking) is cowardice at its finest.

Pete Rose was banned from Major League Baseball for betting.  While I am not condoning what Mr. Rose did (he obviously disgraced the purity of the game), and I hate the fact that he did bet on baseball while still employed by a Major League team, is it really too far-fetched for anyone to think that what he did was actually worse than what Gregg Williams had been doing?

Intentionally telling your players to go out there and try to harm somebody—and possibly end that player’s career—is not only bush league, it is disgusting, and in my eyes, it is a lot worse than betting.  We are talking about people’s careers here.  Williams had no problem with possibly ruining the careers of opposing players, so why shouldn’t his career be ended by his own actions?

Roger Goodell has stated many times over that he wants to clean up the image of the NFL—the image that it is a dirty league.

OK, Mr. Goodell.

Here is your chance to send a message loud and clear to every coach, every general manager and every owner that the type of behavior displayed by Gregg Williams will not be tolerated in the NFL, and he is no longer allowed to coach.


Keeping Williams around for his “indefinite suspension” (whatever the hell that means) is making it seem like it’s OK for someone to preach barbarianism for monetary rewards and possibly end an opposing players’ career in the process.

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An NFL coaching job is a privilege, not a right.

There are plenty of capable coaches out there that do things the right way who are probably chomping at the bit to get the opportunity that Gregg Williams had.

Unfortunately for Williams, he blew his opportunity.

You have to send a message to coaches—not only in the NFL—but to coaches in college football, high school football, and even as far down as pee-wee league football, that behavior such as the type of behavior Williams was endorsing is not going to be tolerated.  And the fact that this man—as of right now—has the potential to still be employed by an NFL franchise is disgusting.

Coaches are supposed to provide guidance and help players improve their craft, while leading by example.

Has Gregg Williams provided this and fulfilled his duty as a leader to his players?  Not a chance.

He is a rogue.

He is a punk.

And he needs to understand that he disgraced the game of football.

Tell him he is no longer welcome as a member of the league, Mr. Goodell.

End of story.

Shawn Muller

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