CHICAGO (CBS) — A man with connections to the Chicago area is now on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Investigators say Eric Toth regularly changes his name and his appearance. He’s a former teacher, who is wanted for allegedly producing child pornography.

Toth replaces slain Al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden on the FBI’s infamous wanted list.

And as CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports, the FBI is being very aggressive in its search for him.

“He can go to sleep exhausted every night, from looking over his shoulder. We are hunting him,” said Ronald Hosko, FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Washington D.C. field office.

The FBI is on the hunt for a man who could be here in the Midwest.

Investigators say Toth produces and collects pornographic images of young children. He could be looking for his next victim right now.

“We think young children are at risk from this subject,” Hosko said.

Detectives say Toth traveled to Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The FBI’s Chicago office said in 2008, Toth came to visit family in his hometown of Hammond, Ind. Even back then, Toth might have known police were on his trail.

“He drove from D.C. to Hammond, visited his family, then continued on to Minneapolis. His car was found abandoned at the airport there,” FBI spokesman Ross Rice said.

In 2008, Toth taught 3rd grade at the National Cathedral Elementary School in D.C.

The feds have been after him since that year, when another teacher allegedly found explicit photos of a boy on a school camera, which Toth had in his possession.

The last time anyone confirms seeing Toth was in 2009 in Phoenix, Ariz.

Police hope someone turns him in before he strikes again.

The FBI says Toth still has family in Hammond. They have spoken with investigators.

Police say Toth graduated from Purdue and lists himself online as having experience with kids, and as looking for work in child care.

Investigators say he preys on pre-teen boys, but little girls could be victims, too.

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