(WSCR) An Illinois man was arrested this week for sending threatening emails to the president and owner of the Chicago Blackhawks and the former general manager of the Chicago Cubs, claiming they “stole his idea to win championships.”

Emanuel Kuvakos, 56, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with three counts of misdemeanor harassment by electronic means.

According to police, Kuvakos also sent an email to Blackhawks CEO John McDonough claiming he would keep the Blackhawks from winning the Stanley Cup.

Police also said Kuvakos told them he sent an email to Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz saying that if he ever saw Wirtz, he would beat him up.

The Tribune reported Kuvakos denied the messages where he accused officials of stealing his championship-winning ideas and claimed the police arrested him because of what “he knows’’ about the Blackhawks..


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