By Brad Edwards

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s the robo call one candidate calls character assassination.

It’s a political race that wouldn’t typically grab the spotlight: Local School Council at Chicago’s Amundsen High School. It’s a volunteer position that Bill Helm has held since 1996.

The anonymous robo call attacking Helm, which was blasted to residents earlier this week, says in part: “The corrupt political hack Billy Helm is not someone you want around your children. Our investigation revealed that Billy Helm was arrested seven times in recent years.”

“It was like a bolt from the blue,” said voter Gloria Dallmeier, who got the call. “I was thinking they were pretty extreme charges.”

Bill Helm, a political player and supporter of former Ald. Eugene Schulter, does have one offense dating back to 2001 – per our records search.

“It’s a lie. It’s not only appalling, it’s offensive to me and my family,” Helm told CBS 2’s Brad Edwards. “It’s slanderous. It’s a low point for elections that I’ve ever been involved with.”

The call erroneously ends: “Please vote Wednesday at Amundsen High School for anyone except corrupt political hack Bill Helm.”

The election is today and the polls close at 7 p.m. Seven individuals are vying for the two spots.

So who is behind the calls?

We don’t know.

The Illinois State Board of Elections said the calls weren’t part of their jurisdiction. A call to the FCC was not returned.

Brad Edwards