CHICAGO (CBS) — I figure I’m the odd one out on this one, and I don’t mean to be a sourpuss.

But those two sailors at sea were not wearing life jackets. I’m glad they’re OK; the story has a happy-ending.

But there is a sad part — the risk they took, the stress they caused their families, the danger they caused the police who had to fight waves and dive into water not 50 degrees and the danger to firemen racing to the scene and then to a hospital.

And people on the streets who could have been hurt and the emergency room that had to be ready, and the doctors who had to stand by.

The sailors on that-boat are very-lucky to be alive, like last year on the lake. Same thing, same skipper. The danger, the luck and the public and private money for the rescue.

If you’re sending the sailors a prayer, remind them and everyone else on a boat on the lake to wear a life jacket. And mention the money.