WASHINGTON (CBS) — It turns out that when it comes to baseball, the White House is a house divided.

At an event Thursday for Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day, First Lady Michelle Obama was quizzed about how big a White Sox fan she is. She had a surprising response.

“I grew up a Cubs fan,” she said. “We’re a mixed marriage.”

President Barack Obama, of course, is a well-known White Sox fan.

The revelation that Mrs. Obama’s loyalties lie at Wrigley Field may come as a surprise. The Obamas’ Chicago home is in the South Kenwood neighborhood.

And while President Obama was born and raised in Hawaii and didn’t come to Chicago until the mid-1980s, the First Lady is a South Side native, having grown up on Euclid Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood.

She had an answer for that.

“People always wonder, ‘Why are you a Cubs fan?’ because we live on the South Side,” she said. “But I tell them, my dad was a Cubs fan from the time I was little.”

Mrs. Obama says even though the White Sox aren’t as dear to hear heart as they are to her husband’s, she supports all of Chicago’s teams.

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