CHICAGO (CBS) — With all that’s happening in Chicago, like the NATO summit and Mayor Rahm Emanuel running the city, it’s hard sometimes to keep up on the suburbs; like Cicero, and news there about money under the table, and clout beyond belief.

Trustees of the Cicero Library Board have given themselves private health insurance for free, not just while they’re on the board, but for the rest of their lives.

Mayor Larry Dominick has been dishing fat town contracts to his friends, and spending $500,000 in taxpayer funds on campaign souvenirs.

He’s spent more taxpayer dollars on placing campaign contributors and family members on the Cicero town payroll. Twenty members of his family have been put on the payroll; including his mother, brother, sister, son, wife, in-laws, and two ex-wives.

Oh Cicero, former home of the gangster Al Capone, and the racketeer town run by convicted Town President Betty Loren Maltese.

The clout and corruption in Cicero; can Chicago top that? No way.