UPDATED 05/03/12 1 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — New enhancements mean you should get a much faster response when you call the city’s 311 system.

Under a plan announced Wednesday by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, when you call 311, you will be given a tracking number, similar to when you ship a package.

“Taxpayers who call 311 for a City service should be able to quickly and easily find out when that service has been completed,” Mayor Emanuel said in a news release. “This new system will reassure the public that their requests are not falling into a black hole and make it easier for taxpayers to hold City departments accountable.”

The goal is to increase accountability, making sure city departments are responding to requests.

Callers who provide contact information will also be notified when their requests are completed.

The new system should be up and running by this fall.