By Dorothy Tucker

CHICAGO (CBS) — More than 50 countries are sending delegations here for the NATO summit next week, and that includes Denmark.

The country of about 5 million people could fit inside Lake Michigan. It may be small, but Denmark has big pride in its culture and attractions.

As CBS 2 Dorothy Tucker reports, they’re also very proud of a famous food.

The Americanized Danish is akin to sweet bread. The authentic Denmark version is flaky and multi-layered.

Kirsten Jepsen’s cafe in Burr Ridge is one of handful of bakeries where the Danes can find authentic Danishes, cookies, cakes and their signature Kringle.

Jepsen is among the 5,000 Danish who live in the Chicago area. She says they’re spread out everywhere but they’re connected by a core Danish value.

“Just being very fair and open and making sure everyone is taken care of,” Jepsen says.

Tor Jensen is a board member of the Danish American Chamber of Commerce. He points with pride to a Fourth of July celebration held each year in Olsbourg, Denmark.

It marks America’s independence and Denmark’s support of its American friend.

Annemette Vestergaard is part of the delegation that will attend NATO, along with the country’s Prime Minister, Helle Thorning Schmidt. She says Denmark’s mission is to discuss maintaining defense in today’s economy.

“We are all under budgetary constraints. We have to look into how we can continue to work together, but for less money,” Vestergaard says.

The Danish Pioneer Newspaper is produced in Hoffman Estates.

Dorothy Tucker