By Matt Spiegel-

(CBS) The Chris Sale saga continues, with more mixed messages somehow, even as tangential clarity is achieved.

Don Cooper, Robin Ventura, and Kenny Williams will meet on Friday to discuss the situation.  Nice that Coop and Ventura will finally find each other to get the story straight.  Those dugouts can be cavernous, apparently.

We’ll discuss that, and play some of the weathered, grumpy, defensive Coop from Mully and Hanley this morning.  He wants this story to go away.  That’s completely unrealistic, considering he himself has talked it into a fervor with so many disparate thoughts.

Addison Reed should be – and I think somewhat sneakily now is – the closer.  I have no idea what has taken so long for the Sox to realize that the prime candidate from the moment Sergio Santos was traded is clearly ready for the job.   His stuff is filthy, and he remains unscored upon on the year.

Bulls game 6 tonight, and you know I’m among those wanting the playoff run to continue for my own selfish entertainment reasons.  Mac is one of the many that would rather see the season euthanized.

Guests today:

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio will do his usual 10 AM Wednesday hit a day late, as yesterday’s stories precluded the visit.

The Tribune’s Mark Gonzalez will help us decode the White Sox communiques, and put Jake Peavy and Adam Dunn’s starts in some perspective.

We’ll also play Jeopardy at 11…good contestants last week – let’s see what happens.  Either way, we’ll do 10 seconds of Jiggs.