By Walter Jacobson

CHICAGO (CBS) –– If ever there were much to do about not much, it’s the moaning and groaning about the inconvenience of the NATO summit.

The bellyaching about how hard it will be for two days to get around downtown — maybe, God forbid, three days.

Can you imagine? A delay on the CTA, a back-up on the Kennedy, a crowd in the Loop that may force us to walk a few blocks for three days to go shopping, or postpone for three days a visit to the aquarium?

Now, there are reasons to not want the summit: taxpayer dollars to fly in the president and set up his communications; overworking the police, and the danger of a hot-head igniting protestors and police.

But the wailing and whimpering, the noise on the summit, is about inconvenience. Ay, yi, yi — the inconvenience. But come on, if we try, I’ll bet we can do it -– survive the inconvenience for three days.