By Jay Zawaski-

(CBS) Once again, Patrick Kane’s public drunkenness has brought embarrassment to his team, his family, his organization, and to the fans of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Kane is not the only player who drinks.  But at some point, isn’t it time to grow up?  People keep making excuses for him.  “He’s a 23 year old kid…I drank a lot back then!”  Blah…blah…blah.  STOP!

Rumors of choking a girl? Really? He certainly didn’t want to choke Joe Thornton when he was punching his partner, captain and friend Jonathan Toews, did he?

Patrick, stop being an idiot.  Stop being an a-hole.  Seriously.  It’s enough.  A 23-year-old MAN is not a college student…unless he’s in medical school.  Last time I checked, the only doctor Kane is playing is in the back of a bar…assuming he hasn’t passed out yet.

Some Kane defenders believe that media sites like Deadspin have it out for the winger.

Why?  Why Patrick Kane?  Of all the hateable players in all of the major sports, why Kane?  He should be a golden boy.  He should be the face of the NHL. American born?  Check.  Electrifying player?  Check.  Charismatic?  Check.  Stanley Cup Champion / Hero?  Check.

So why does the “media” pick on Kane?  The bottom line is – they don’t.  No one is to blame for Kane’s troubles but Kane.  That’s it.

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