(WSCR) On the same day his father’s name was paired with a plan to politically attack President Barack Obama, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts released the following statement to distance himself from the claim.

“As chairman of the Chicago Cubs, I repudiate any return to racially divisive issues in this year’s presidential campaign or in any setting — like my father has,” Tom Ricketts said in the statement. “I shall have no further comment on this or any other election year political issue. My full-time focus is on making the Chicago Cubs a World Series champion preserving Wrigley Field and making the Chicago Cubs a great corporate citizen.”

Ricketts’ statement came as Mayor Rahm Emanuel, whom Ricketts is trying to receive public funding for Wrigley Field from and is also Obama’s former chief of staff, blasted the proposed political attack on the president as an insult to the nation.

“I don’t think that’s fitting in a campaign of any nature,” Emanuel said, cautioning that he does not have first-hand knowledge of the Ricketts effort. “You can have disagreements without being disagreeable.”

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