By Dan McNeil-

The apathy on display for this weekend’s Civil War in Wrigleyville is a refreshing departure from the usual attendant nonsense.

It’s not like the twice-a-year Cubs vs. White Sox battle royale has been red hot the last few years. But this level of indifference has reached new heights.

No more North against the South. May 18, 2012 meet April 9, 1865, the day Robert E. Lee surrendered. It took more than 15 years of interleague play to get here, but this rivalry just doesn’t matter anymore.

Kudos to both fan bases for the cease fire on below-the-belt insults. And occasional brawls in the bleachers and bar rooms.

Perspective isn’t acquired swiftly. Finally, Cubs and Sox enthusiasts alike have retreated from the front lines to take a serious inventory of his/her own team’s infantry.

Cubs fans are right to be scratching their heads over Joe Ricketts’ (Tom’s pappy) desire to commit political suicide. While the Cubs are trying to get cozy with Mayor Rahm Emanuel for publicly funded renovations, Sugar Daddy Ricketts is insulting President Barack Obama.

North Side fans want to know when the team is going to eat even more bad money and find a taker for bullpen bust Carlos Marmol. Or left fielder Alfonso Soriano.

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