By David Schuster-

(CBS) Just 24 hours after taking a 90 mile per hour pitch to the face, Paul Konerko talked about how he was doing.

“I feel good but obviously I have a black eye and it’s really swollen,” he said. “It’s just a matter of getting the swelling down but fortunately there was no fractures or any other damage.”

Konerko said he was fortunate he didn’t suffer any further problems.

“Yeah, anytime you get hit up high the damage can be significant. But within five or 10 seconds, other then my vision being obstructed by the swelling, I knew there was no damage to the eyeball.”

Some people actually thought Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija was throwing at Konerko on purpose, but the White Sox captain knew better.

“I know he was coming up and in but the pitch just got a bit away from him and unfortunately made contact.”

Konerko sat out Saturday night’s game and his return is up in the air.

“As soon as I can see unobstructed I will be right back in there,” he said. “I could be back in there Sunday but with the scheduled day off on Monday the worst case scenario is to be back in the lineup by Tuesday.”

And Konerko well knows that with a black and blue eye comes a lot of ribbing from his teammates.

“Oh no question. This is one of those injuries that I’m going to hear about it for a while. It happened with Gordon (Beckham) last year and I know it will be the same for me. You definitely get some guys who will kid you about your manhood or why you are being so soft.”

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