CHICAGO (CBS) — What a great day this has been, beginning in my building on the elevator, and then on the subway downtown, seeing happy faces, having happy talk about a NATO summit in a city that worked, and a picture that says it all: “I love Chicago police and firemen.”

That’s what I’ve been thinking. I love the police and firemen, how they kept the peace, a terrific show of what will become (or should become) the standard for avoiding disaster.

The police superintendent of police not in his office, or chauffeured car, or in a bunker, but on the street with his rank-and-file officers.

The cops and their chief taking the heat, and restraining themselves, understanding the assignment, and the strategy, showing the patience and willingness to cool it.

That’s the key, the willingness to cool it.

The Chicago police of 1968, that awful feeling, gone at last, replaced by a 2012 good feeling. Really good.

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