CHICAGO (CBS) — Tomorrow will be a big day in Chicago. The teachers in our public schools will vote tomorrow on whether to authorize a strike.

It will be a scary day for teachers, because they’re being warned by City Hall not to vote to authorize. Don’t you dare, say Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CPS boss Jean-Claude Brizard. It’ll be unfair to the children to authorize a strike, very bad for everybody to authorize a strike.

Emanuel and Brizard are publicly proclaiming it’ll be bad, because they want us to believe that the vote tomorrow will be yes or no to go on strike, but it won’t.

It’ll be to authorize a strike, just in case contract negotiations break down.

So what’s unfair about that, a teacher voting to authorize a strike just in case? The city of Chicago is preparing what to do in case contract negotiations break down. Why can’t the teachers prepare?

What do the mayor and Brizard expect the teachers to do? Shut up and do what they’re told to do? You got it.