By Laurence Holmes-

HALAS HALL (CBS) — There weren’t any real epiphanies that came out of day 2 of Bears Mini-Camp, but there was some interesting stuff. Here’s what I saw, heard and was told at Halas Hall on Wednesday.

-Brandon Marshall stood out today. Whether it was team or individual drills if the CB across from him wasn’t Charles Tillman, he just kept making big play after big play. When matched up against Tillman, both players made plays. Lovie Smith said that Tillman working against Marshall will get him prepared for the “big guy” in Detroit (Calvin Johnson).

“The one thing I can say about Brandon is it’s like gameday everyday…He’s a competitor, I’m a competitor and I need that. It makes me good and it pushes me and I think it pushes him as well.” Tillman said.

-The Defense did a lot of hootin’ & hollerin’ today. I can’t write specifically what they said (Bears edict), but I can tell you this: Lance Briggs was the ring-leader, and if you think the defense is just going to give control of the team over to the O…you’re crazy. The defensive guys are well aware of the perception that the Bears are now an offensive team. Expect some trash-talking and physical play when the team gets to Bourbonnais.

Here’s what Lance Briggs told me about it:

“It’s Chicago. Defense will always rule the roost!”

-Since DJ Moore got here, he’s done well playing the nickel position. He’s been an effective blitzer and playmaker. NFL players will tell you that there’s no money on the inside. Moore told me a few weeks ago that he would like the chance to play some corner. Lovie Smith likes Moore in the role he’s in now, but didn’t rule out the possibility of him going to the outside.

The problem for Moore is that Smith also said that this it the deepest the CB position has been with the additions of Kelvin Hayden & Jonathan Wilhite.

-Brian Urlacher kept rehabbing his knee. He didnt’ practice, but continues to get a lot of sprinting in before things get going. The interesting part of watching 54 is that even when he’s not involved in the workout, he’s engaged in it. He’s in huddles, he’s watching alignments and helping whatever way he can. I caught up with Smith after practice and asked him about the example that’s being set.

“I think if you’re a young player and you wanna be successful, you should focus in on what Brian Uralcher is doing. Even if he isn’t practicing, he’s involved, but it’s not just out here. The way he looks at film, the way he prepares, every young player should look at that.” Smith said.

They’ll be more to come from the Mini-Camp finale tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Twitter: @LaurenceWHolmes.

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