By Walter Jacobson

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you follow the news about sports, you know the Chicago Bulls are planning a new training center on the West Side and that Mayor Emanuel may help with a tax break while he’s ignoring the owner of the Cubs, Tom Ricketts, who wants a tax break to help him renovate Wrigley.

The problem for Ricketts is politics, Mayor Emanuel being angry at Tom Ricketts’ father, the billionaire Joe Ricketts, kicking in $10 million for an ad campaign against Barack Obama featuring some racism.

So, wait ‘til Rahm finds out how Father Joe is now planning to spend some of his billions: on a movie against Obama.

Uh, oh, for the Cubs, but no need for despair. Where there is billionaire Father Joe, there’s got to be a way for Wrigley. Since Joe is causing Tom’s problem with Rahm, Joe ought to solve it.

For Father’s Day, Joe, help Tom and the taxpayers of Chicago. Just buy your boy a new Wrigley.