CHICAGO (CBS) — The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere is celebrating the third anniversary of its popular “Ledge.”

WBBM’s Steve Miller took a trip to the Willis Skydeck.

Some senior citizens yelp with delight, standing on the Ledge.

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“We knew the 5-year-olds would love it,” said Randy Stancik, general manager of Skydeck Chicago. “We knew the teenagers would love it.”

“The people we didn’t know about were the people with children. The senior citizens. Those are the folks that seem to like it the most.”

Mary Cahill is from Ireland. And she had her pulse checked before and after stepping on the Ledge – with her adult son Adam.

“I thought her pulse would race just a bit as she was going out,” Adam said. “The first few steps out were a bit scary, but after that you kind of get used to it.”

Mary admitted she didn’t quite get used to it.

“No, I’m still a little nervous,” she said. “Especially with so many people on it. … But OK, we’ve survived the Skydeck. That’s the important thing.”