By Rob Johnson

CHICAGO (CBS) – As many people know, Chicago is a hotbed for music talent.

Blues and jazz especially are part of this city’s great history.

CBS 2’s Rob Johnson takes you to a place that’s been around 65 years.

At Dearborn Station in the South Loop — twice a day, seven days a week — there is the one and only Jazz Showcase.

It is Marc Nebozenko’s favorite place. In fact, he visited 25 times last year.

“It’s probably the best place in Chicago to see the out-of-town talent,” he says.

Jazz Showcase was the brainchild of Joe Segal 65 years ago, and the names of great musicians who have come through his doors are a who’s-who of the jazz world. They include Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonius Monk and Bud Powell – the list goes on and on.

It started on Rush Street, then moved to the Blackstone Hotel, then Clark and Grand before moving to South Plymouth Court back in 2008. A lot has changed for Joe over the years, but not the music.

“It’s instantly creative, and it’s based on three main things the avant garde have disregarded: melody, harmony, and rhythm. Duke Ellington said a long time ago and it’s still true: It don’t mean a thing if it don’t got that swing,” Segal tells Johnson.

For more information about Jazz Showcase and a listing of future performances, click here.