(WSCR) Before the start of the 2012 baseball season, had someone told you the White Sox would be in first place on June 19, you may have thought they were crazy.

Still, the underlying theme throughout this season has been the lack of attendance from White Sox fans. General manager Kenny Williams admitted the team would be handcuffed come the trade deadline due to lack of revenue.

Pitching coach Don Cooper, who joined The Mully and Hanley Show live inside the 670 The Score studios, went as far as to say he was “disappointed” in the lack of attendance from the South Side faithful.

“I’m a little disappointed to tell you the truth,” Cooper said. “Last night, we didn’t have the crowd that was there. That helps us. For whatever reason, people haven’t been coming out. I think if you give our team a chance, I think we’re playing a good style of baseball. Don’t get me wrong, over the last 10 days, we haven’t played the way we were playing earlier. That’s our goal – to get back to that.”

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Cooper also discussed the news that John Danks has a grade-1 tear of his subscapularis.

“We’re hoping for the best with John,” Cooper said. “From a pitching coach’s perspective, it stinks because one of your guys is down and he happens to be your Opening Day guy, so it’s a guy you’re counting on. He’s down. I hate to put it coldly, but he’s going to be working to get better, so, in the meanwhile, our focus has to go to other guys to try to fill that spot. When John gets back, we’ll figure that out, but right now, he’s on the shelf.”

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