CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicagoland Toys and Hobbies is a dying breed: a place packed with the kind of toys and trains from a bygone era — and people trying  carefully to recreate it.

“My brother bought me a train when I was 10, and I’ve had it ever since,” customer Ed Oslowski tells CBS 2’s Kate Sullivan.

Greg Bosak’s dad started the Northwest Side business 40 years ago in the downtown. He took it over and made it a haven for toy train and hobby enthusiasts.

It’s a unique space with unique customers.

“When I leave here I always say, ‘I hate this store,’ but it’s in a good way. It really is,” Oslowski says.

He adores trains and train travel and works at the Illinois Railway Museum. Now, he is working on a train platform for his grandson.

Kelvin McClellan has been into trains since age nine. And since then he has created a masterpiece, the result of decades of work and fun.

Greg Bosak says he’s amazed his store still exists.

“Honestly, it’s hard to believe. I can’t believe 40 years have gone by,” he says.

Model trains and the accessories are just the beginning. Remote controlled cars, airplanes, military aircrafts, ships, and the list goes on. But Ed says it’s the employees and the great customer service that make this store a stand out.

In four decades, business has changed. Now, more than 20 percent of the store’s business is online.

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