CHICAGO (CBS) — Here’s something we rarely get to say in Chicago: there’s a great day on its way to the City Council.

It will probably happen in July, but the word already is out, the buzz is on the street. I hear it, and can taste it.

The mayor wants restaurants on wheels, food trucks in the neighborhoods. No more just peanuts and popsicles in packages, but pierogies and pasta on plates, with forks and spoons. Fresh foods cooked in the trucks.

Chicken or stir fry, or a veggie burger on a grill, cooked to order while we wait, served up for lunch or supper with a summer breeze.

Chicago is about to catch up with other cities that cook on the street. In our City Council, the idea’s been overcooked, fried by the aldermen who fear the restaurants that fear competition.

But the new chef in town, the rookie mayor of Chicago, on whatever dish he cooks up, tasty or not, like it or not, the aldermen chow down.

This one’s delicious.

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