SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. (CBS) — A driver was injured, and the Tri-State Tollway was snagged, when a car slammed into the back of a truck, careened into a wall, and caught fire.

Sometime before 6:45 a.m., the car impaled itself on the back of semi-trailer truck on the southbound Tri-State Tollway just past the Lincoln Oasis. The hood was torn off the car and became stuck on the ICC bumper on the rear of the truck trailer.

Afterward, the car spun around and went full-force into a wall on the edge of the shoulder, and caught fire.

Fire crews responded to put out the blaze.

The driver of the car was injured, but the extent of the injuries was not immediately learned.

Following the accident, authorities shut down two lanes of the southbound Tri-State, and the northbound side was also snagged by a gapers delay.