CHICAGO (CBS) – Not only are we facing more extreme heat this week in Chicago, but the city continues to be stuck in a summer drought.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones says that raises the question: To water, or not to water, your lawn?

Experts at the Chicago Botanic Garden have the answers.

“One of the worst things you can do for your lawn is let it go from dormant to green and then let it go back dormant. So, that if it does green up in the near future, that’s something that you’re going to want to keep up,” Kathie Hayden says.

But the garden’s Bird Island bears the color of a lot of lawns around Chicagoland. And the advice is simple.

“One-half  to one inch a month will keep it alive,” Hayden says.

Kim Waskevich is struggling to obey Highland Park’s watering abd synthetic grass products ban from noon to 6, while keeping her new grass seedlings alive.

“I certainly want to listen to Highland Park and I am, and I’m only watering where the grass seed is, but I have to water some and I can’t water too late at night because then I’ll get the fungus,” she says.

Hayden says watering your lawn early in the morning is best. Watering before dark allows water to remain but could stimulate fungal growth.

Experts say heavy rain for several days in a row is the only way to revitalize some plant life. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is hoping that will happen.

“When you take a look at corn like this, you know we’re in a crisis,” he said at a Monday news conference to announce he is seeking aid for farmers.