(WSCR) As it stands now, the NFL has hired 120 replacement referees, just in case the league can’t come to a contract agreement with the NFL Referees Association.

The current NFL referees have been locked out since June 3, and no contact between the two sides has been made since.

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Former NFL referee Jerry Markbreit joined The McNeil and Spiegel Show to discuss the ramifications of using replacement refs.

“You have to realize that there is no game if the competitive nature of this game isn’t controlled,” Markbreit said. “The NFL officials, the best in the land, are the ones that control this game. When you put replacements in there, you are compromising the nature of the game. That’s exactly what the league is planning right now. They’ve hired 120 replacement officials. None of them from Division 1 colleges. The colleges and conferences will not allow their officials to work for the National Football League.”

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