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CHICAGO (CBS) – “Crowns,” a play running now at the Goodman Theatre, is an exuberant celebration of church-going women and the hats they wear on Sunday morning.

Regina Taylor is the writer-director. CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield says she is someone you should know.

What’s in a hat? Is it a head dress of distinction or the symbol of sheer vanity?

Onstage at the Goodman, the hat takes on a queenly status in a return of the musical “Crowns.” It was written and directed by Taylor, who has a message for her audience.

“A community can give so much to a young person for them to take and to make their own, in their own unique style,” she says.

The main character, Yolanda, is a resident of Englewood who is sent to North Carolina for the summer after her brother is shot to death.

The first-ever production of “Crowns,” adapted from the book by Michael Cunningham, took place in Princeton, N.J. 10 years ago. Since that time, it has become the most-produced new musical in America.

“I feel very blessed in that. I’m always surprised, and I think its longevity is something about the heart of it,” Taylor says.

“Crowns” runs through Aug. 12.  Click here for ticket information.