(WSCR) Over 70,000 Penn State supporters have ‘liked’ a Facebook comment on the Penn State page that calls for a public apology from ESPN for “dragging Joe Paterno though the dirt.”

The comment, which is addressed to Penn State president Rodney Erickson, strongly argues that neither Paterno nor Penn State were treated fairly throughout this entire scandal, even though the independent Freeh Report showed Paterno acted with “callous and shocking disregard for child victims.”

Here are some snippets from the post.

Even until the day he passed away, Coach Paterno lived with gracious integrity and still to this day, has been the only staff member to admit he was wrong.

I also ask that ESPN give a sincere and public apology for dragging the school, Joe Pa, the victims, and the fans, alumni, and families of Penn State through the dirt by giving an unfair and completely biased, opinionated report.

The commenter also argues that Penn State should have kept the Paterno statue by saying: We do not remove the Lincoln Memorial because he started the Civil War, rather we leave it as a reminder of the good he’s done.