CHICAGO (CBS) — Just a few hours to go in Chicago for the big deal, as big a deal as there is: Lollapalooza.

A Chicago bonanza. More than a quarter of a million people in Grant Park, a $100 million in business, the sounds of good music. The tickets: already sold out.

So, look out for the gate-crashers. Over the fences and through the trees, trampling the bushes, flattening the flowers, and if there’s rain, like last year, singing and sliding in the mud, to the tune of $800,000 in damage.

How about this year celebrating Grant Park and the comfort and enjoyment of others, and the great value of ‘Palooza: the hotels and restaurants completely booked; the jobs for 4,000 people; the visitors to Chicago collecting memories to take home.

There’s so much good at stake in Lollapalooza. What a shame it would be to trash it.