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CHICAGO (CBS) — A man who was impersonating a police or security officer sexually assaulted a woman at gunpoint after pulling over her car in the far west suburbs, police said.

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The incident happened on Tuesday at 6:47 p.m. on Griswold Springs Road, west of Little Rock Road, in Plano.

The 33-year-old victim was driving her vehicle on Griswold Springs Road when she noticed a blue Ford Crown Victoria following her vehicle. The car behind her had a red and a blue emergency light activated on the front of the car, and looked like a real police car. Crown Victorias are the make and model favored by many law enforcement agencies.

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The driver stopped her vehicle. The suspect, who was wearing a police, fire or security uniform, then approached her.

“The man exited the car; was described as wearing some sort of a uniform – we’re not sure if it was police or fire, but it was that security-type uniform. Was described as being blue,” said Kendall County Sheriff’s Detective Sergeant Joe Jasnosz.

The suspect pulled a mask over his face and pointed a handgun at the victim. The victim was ordered to get out of her car and walk to a nearby cornfield. Once in the cornfield, the victim was beaten and sexually assaulted. The offender fled the area heading east on Griswold Springs Road.

The victim was transported to Valley West Hospital in Sandwich, and treated for injuries sustained from the assault.

While exurban, the area where the attack happened is not remote, according to Jasnosz.

“This particular area where this occurred at this time is more of a main thoroughfare,” he said. “This occurred only a mile south of Route 34, which also turns into Ogden as you get into the suburbs.”

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So Jasnosz says, somebody had to have seen something.

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports, on Wednesday night, Kendall County Sheriff’s deputies spent the evening stopping cars to warn drivers about the attack, and ask if they know anything about the sexual assault committed by a fake cop.

“Something happening in this little itty bitty town is just very shocking, and it’s very nerve-wracking, and it’s very devastating,” said Desiree Dubson.

She said the attack was the talk of the town Wednesday morning.

Dubson said she moved to Plano specifically to get away from crime.

She and her daughters, Emma and Alena, drive along Griswold Springs Road every day, but now she’s thinking twice about taking that road.

“We’d rather take [U.S. Route] 34 now. I don’t even want to go down here,” she said.

The victim described the offender as a white male with a tan or light-skin, possibly Hispanic, who was about 5 foot 8 inches tall. He was described as having an average build and weighing about 180 pounds. The uniform he wore was described as blue.

A quick online search found red and blue emergency dashboard lights similar to the one likely used in this case being sold for as low as $10, which is why deputies were warning drivers to be leery of unmarked cars.

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Anyone with information can call Kendall County Investigations at 630-553-7500 extension 1107. Anyone who wants to stay anonymous may call Crimestoppers at 630-553-5999.