(WSCR) Most athletes get one shot at the Olympics – so they might as well live it up, right?

That’s the attitude some Olympians are taking at the 2012 London Games. And, according to a report, sex is a large part of that Olympic “experience.”

“Anyone who wants to be naive and say they don’t know what’s going on in the Village are lying to themselves,” one former gold medalist and veteran of two Olympics told CNN of his previous experiences at the Games. “They know, the officials know, even the media. It’s not a secret, everyone knows.

“(Sex) is all part of the Olympic spirit. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) wouldn’t say that, but it is, you can’t shy away from it. Why do you think they give away so many condoms?”

Athletes participating in the London Games live in the Olympic Village, which consists of 3,000 tightly-packed apartments, containing over 10,000 young, physically-fit athletes.

Reports indicate Olympic officials order over 150,000 condoms to be dispersed at the Olympic Village.

“The athletes don’t know what to expect the first time they go to the Olympics, but it just happens,” added the former gold medalist, who is now approaching his late 30s, looking back at his Olympic experiences. “As soon as you finish competing there’s no sleeping until the next day.

“Many of the volunteers (in the Village) would say ‘Oh, what is your room like?’ and I knew they were not really wanting to see the room. It’s just fun, they are excited to be with the athletes.

“You talk, you go to your room. Let me say this … there were lots of volunteers and they were happy to help you with whatever your needs were.”