GLENCOE (CBS) – Another cougar has been seen in the Chicago region, this time in the North Shore community of Glencoe.

Firefighter Jim Almdale says he was doing his nightly checks in a wooded area near Glencoe Beach last week when he saw a cougar walk onto the road.

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“The cougar walked around, past the front of my vehicle, just as I was getting in my car,” he tells CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey.

He did not snap a picture or take any video, saying the encounter happened too quickly.

It’s easy to see why cougars might like this particular suburb.

“There is a lot of vegetation, a lot of places to hide, especially on the bluffs. There is a lot of deer,” Almdale says.

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“It’s not out outside the realm of possibility,” Glencoe Police Chief Mike Volling says.

He called the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to get some answers. Volling says he hopes motion-sensitive cameras set up by his department will yield results.

“We’re trying to get photographs. That’s what the DNR has requested,” Volling says.


Volling wants anyone who thinks they see a cougar to call police immediately.

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Nearby Northfield police confirm to CBS 2 they also had an alleged cougar sighting in their neighborhood back on June 8.