(CBS) Lane Kiffin has never been accused of being an honest man and we were reminded why this week.

When asked about the USA TODAY Coaches Poll, the USC Trojans head coach said: “I would not vote USC No. 1, I can tell you that.”

The problem is, he did.

In the first poll of the season, Kiffin was one of 19 coaches to vote USC No. 1, according to USA TODAY.

Coaches’ votes aren’t usually revealed until the last vote of the season, but “when a voter volunteers false or misleading information about his vote in public, then USA TODAY Sports, in its oversight role as administrator of the poll, will set the record straight to protect the poll’s integrity,” according to the newspaper.

That’s exactly what the publication did in this case.

Of course, Kiffin claims the quote didn’t misrepresented his vote, even though the quote is the exact opposite of what he actually did.